Two of us...

I was thinking these days about sizes for scrap... difficult decision, almost pages you can see are in 12x12, are valuable but difficult to storage impossible to print anything in them (except a A3 printer ) ... advantages, disadvantages ... after giving many laps I like the 8.5 x11 size...

Here in Europe I see it more convenient for storage, work, printing and editing... maybe a bit smaller, maybe more simply... I don't know but like it! =)

And this is my first page so ;)

Credits: We're Memory Keepers background, Sassafrass Lass arrow and clouds, American Crafts Felt and Chipboard Stickers, Flower and Rubbons.



Christmas to everyone!!! thanks one more time for an incredible year and hope see you the next ;) Merry Merry Christmas =))

A little song for you

*muawh* ;)


Life at the pole... =)

I've just made this little gifts for the Christmas dinner, with Sassafrass is super fun and easy!!! at this moment I'm waiting the Pole Collection from Kits de Somni, she has a Christmas kit with Sassafrass products can't wait to play!!

Let's go with the contest :) at first I bought some miniature cookie jars, and decorated them with the desktop diorama for the December contest at Sassafrass (don't miss out!!! ;)) I've put inside my jar the blue background and the sugar mountains to hide my surprise (some chocolates and candys) then I added another edge on the outside and I cut two pieces to give volume at the end.

Finally I placed two ric racs at the top and a clip to hold the mini card with the name (also cropped and stamped) ah! and within a few delicious chocolates inside... but shhhhh is mine Christmas secret! ;)

I hope you enjoy it and my guests at the dinner as well, it is fun to create with Sassafrass =)

(The frames for my pics are by Danielle, at CatStrap)


I can't believe this...

I'm the winner at Kristina Wener blog!!!! ohmygosh... is a super surprise for me, with thousand answers my number is the winner!!!! hooooooooooooooray!!!

Don't miss out the Kristina's blog, she is a fantabulous scrapbooker, love her fresh style and she's a awesome person, thanks again for this

I'm singing... =))))


Tim's strikes again...

® Tim Holtz

Don't miss out!! 12 days 12 tags with the master Tim Holtz, in his blog, every day you can learn, create, and feeling emotions with his art... you know... is Tim ;)

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