Spring in your backyard - Two peas guest project for today!!! =)

I can't believe that I've been able to shut this until today... I'm sooooo thrilled!!!! 
No puedo creer que haya tenido esto callado hasta hoy... estoy tan emocionada!!!

Two months ago my favorite scrapbooking site asked me to work as a guest for the actual cardmaking event a fabulous project to show us one of the new Two Peas sections, the cardmaking gallery... my answer was one and only one... yes!!! ;)
Hace unos dos meses my sito favorito de scrapbooking me preguntó si quería ser un diseñador invitado en su evento para la presentación de una nueva sección en Two Peas, la galería de tarjetas... mi respuesta fue una y solo una... siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! ;)

Well for my cards serie I've only had a requirement ... I could not use stamps ... ok... that's not a problem but a is a challenge =)) and if I've always said that if you haven't something you can do it!!! here is my result, I hope you enjoy this spring cards, as always all information and links in my Two Peas gallery
Bien para mi serie de tarjetas sólo tenía un requisito... no podía usar sellos, ok.... eso no es un problema pero si un reto =)) y si siempre he dicho que si no tienes algo puedes hacerlo este es mi resultado, espero que disfrutes con estas tarjetas de primavera, como siempre tienes toda la información y links en mi galería de Two Peas

If you have any questions you can contact me at the email address of this blog  or through the comments, thanks for your support!! ;)
Si tienes alguna pregunta puedes contactarme a mi dirección de email en este blog o a través de los comentarios, gracias por tu apoyo!! ;)

And for everyone in Spain, happy holidays!!! and for Two Peas t
hanks for making me an accomplice of your creativity and talent
Para todos en España felices vacaciones, y para Two Peas gracias por hacerme complice de vuestra creatividad y talento!! 


Did't again....

I'm sooooooooo thrilled!!!! I'm on the Gallery Standouts with one of my digital jobs... well with one not it's pretty true... with two!! gosh... I'm so happy!!!! Thanks to everyone for being my digital fan, love ya!! ;)

this is my last one, love this new BYOC... colorfull, springly... perfect to play =))

and of course one of my recurrent themes... sky and colors, so perfect to show you feelings and sentiments, I'm soooo happy this time!!

New surprises are coming... digital and traditional scrap are clues... shhhhh I can't tell you more already but stay tunned, and be happy this weekend!!


Suplies: You could find all stuff in my galleries, thanks for all you support!!

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