I've got a new blinkie for June... =)

Vibeke (aka Madame Mim) is a delicious scrapper and designer, you can found here (click on image)

can't wait to play with her goodies!!!!



No no is a car =) is the new and fantabolous collab between Amy, Amy and Amy... ok 3 Amy in a kit? YES, this is the proof

Amy Martin, Amy Hutchinson and Amy Wolff... love this kit (click on the image)

(click on image for credits)

and don't forget visit the Amy Hutchinson blog... a surprise in! ;)

Great sunday!



(All by Amy Hutchinson)

My sweetest and Belgian favorite in the universe (aka Nancy Comelab!) tagged me =)) ... ok I'll try in english (hard... very hard lol)

Four jobs I’ve held: (in no particular order)

Personal Assistant
Studend (all my life I'm studing something... Jesus!)

Four movies I could watch over and over:

Sense and Sensibility
Only You
Todo sobre mi madre

(only four? ;)

Four places I’ve lived:

I always lived here... in my sweet and warm city ;)
but I want live in

New York
El Cairo


Four TV Shows I like:

Prison Break
Desperate Housewives
How I meet your mother

and for ever and ever... friends =)

Four people who email me regularly:

All my job friends in a joke mails group
María (my crazy 50% )

Four things I do almost every day without fail:

Read (books, magacines... all)
Dream... (usually wake up!)

Four favorite foods:

Chocolate... :P

Four places I’d rather be:

I am happy where I am

Four people I'm tagging (sorry sorry sorry...=)

Normally I do not have much time to read blogs, and hate it because I love it!!. So I will not tagged ;) anyone who wants to copy and use this tag (meme in Spanish) is free to do so, have fun!

(only leave a comment and I promise read it!)

and don't forget the fantabolous giveaways in the Nancy's Blog , you can't believe it!


Happy Hours at Ah! Designs

Look at Ah! Designs where is the product with a 50% off, mygosh!!! 50% off Don't miss out only today!!!



Gina Miller this week bring us a wonderful kit for boys!! and...

Tell you a secret... don't miss out!!! ;)

# 88 Digi Dare

This week can play with your age :P... really hard for me but very very FUN!!! Don't miss out this challenge hosted by Lynette

and here's my page (click on the image for credits)

Ok, next step ;) I'm starting a new book bassed in a Ali Edwards idea, crossing fingers =) and here's the link for the "weekend creative", thanks Ali for being a gorgeous inspiration!! Updates coming soon

And last but not least... a BIG freebie in Shutterfly blog... don't tell you anymore, you MUST go!!

Ok... a little sneak peak... =))

really is no little (lol)

See you soon!


Happy NSD!!!

to everyone, and don't forget any sale, any coupon but this either;) only you must register in the MSA and play!

(click on image)

Happy weekend! ;)

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