My Christmas gifts

I know I know that it's a "bit" late but I had a fabulous flu ¬¬ and can't post this before, sorry about that and here's one of my Christmas gifts to my family and friends =)

So simple and easy to make, colorful and very pretty, really you can do this for other season's gifts or whatever situation. 

 All right reserved to Stitches and others

and other detail 

 All right reserved to Stitches and others

great american scrappers making this gifts with pockets, Michelle W. is one of my favorites, thanks for all inspiration, I hope you like it =).

have a nice day!! ;)

I need edit to add the stuff (keep waiting ;) )


A year in review...

Usually I'm not a new year "project" people, really love thinking step by step what is my next goal, but love reviews, what a better way to start a new year that revisiting the old? 

For me this is my year in review... goodbye 2011... hello 2012 <3

January a fresh start and one of my favorite digital pages ever... was my header a lot of time and always love the blue and the pink on it, thanks TLP and my sweet friend Gina Miller for give me those fabulous goodies to play with them ;)

February and just thinking in summer... and other page picked for the Gallery Standouts (I'm so proud for all my pages at that site... ladies, thank you so much for makes me HAPPY =))

March and a little bee... or buzzthday bee... o whatever, the spring is around and here's my fav for march ^^

April and a special project this month, one of my favorite pages for scrapbooking Two Peas in a Bucket asked me about a project for a big celebration at the site... and here's my card series for 2P, ladies... was a pleasure work with yours <3

May and my most fun page, my iPod list, a great way to conserve (lol)

June my favorite... blue, sea, lot of elements... the summer in a page =))

July... my birthday and no blogger entries but I've got two Gallery Standouts pages in digital, here's one, probably my favorite

August... and a word...heat, just thinking on heat this summer, and a crazy time at my house, really a stressfull month but always trying to find a little time for scrap ^^

September gives me a prize... oh man... Hero Arts picked one of my cards for his 5 favorite round and was my first experience with Copics, so fun to create

October... or the way to make a crazy card... flowers like trees? yep, that's possible XD

November was a creative month but probably I'm in love with this LO digital, I'm select a crop for my winter header <3. Is a entirely The Lilypad page, love this team, my team!

This is my most precious project for december... really a big work (and I still working on it...) but here is my december daily =)

and you? have a "year in review"? is a better way to see what do you did and what do you will do, hope that the New Year will be a creative year to everyone, be happy and be creative meanwhile <3

see you ;)

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