My Christmas gifts

I know I know that it's a "bit" late but I had a fabulous flu ¬¬ and can't post this before, sorry about that and here's one of my Christmas gifts to my family and friends =)

So simple and easy to make, colorful and very pretty, really you can do this for other season's gifts or whatever situation. 

 All right reserved to Stitches and others

and other detail 

 All right reserved to Stitches and others

great american scrappers making this gifts with pockets, Michelle W. is one of my favorites, thanks for all inspiration, I hope you like it =).

have a nice day!! ;)

I need edit to add the stuff (keep waiting ;) )

3 Comentários:

Rosana dijo...

son una preciosidad de sobrecitos.

Cris dijo...

Los envoltorios que has hecho ya son una obra de arte, el regalo a mí me daría igual...
Me encantan tus estrellas de nieve pintadas en rojo.

Elisa dijo...

son super cucos!!!!
no te desaparezcas, we miss you!!!!

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