Did't again....

I'm sooooooooo thrilled!!!! I'm on the Gallery Standouts with one of my digital jobs... well with one not it's pretty true... with two!! gosh... I'm so happy!!!! Thanks to everyone for being my digital fan, love ya!! ;)

this is my last one, love this new BYOC... colorfull, springly... perfect to play =))

and of course one of my recurrent themes... sky and colors, so perfect to show you feelings and sentiments, I'm soooo happy this time!!

New surprises are coming... digital and traditional scrap are clues... shhhhh I can't tell you more already but stay tunned, and be happy this weekend!!


Suplies: You could find all stuff in my galleries, thanks for all you support!!

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Rosana dijo...

Me encanta la cámara de fotos :)

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