New Digi Dare

This week hosted by Annie Maning (aka Paint the moon) our new dare for this week.

In the midst of the “season of giving” I thought it would be nice to scrap about how we are doing just that. Scrap something that you have done or are doing to “give back” … could be volunteering at a shelter, helping a neighbor, doing helpful things for our environment … anything that gives back to others and gives you HOPE. It could even be about what you DON’T do (you don’t use plastic bags, don’t drive a gas guzzler, etc.).

Dare flair:

Must use something “living” on the page (besides the subjects in your photos) … could be a flower, tree, animal, fruit, etc.

Must have two photos that bleed off the edge of the page

Must have something that is semi transparent on the page (a blended photo, brushwork, etc.)

Here's mine LO

Let's play at We Digi-Dare Ya!!

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