New hybrid album

Presenting my last project, I did it on my first half vacations this summer, is very easy and fun. I'm sure that you enjoy if you try it!! =)

Only need a white cardstock (or choose your favorite colour) some photos (I used a sunset photos) some stickers phrases or titles, stamps (free for use or not) a corner punch (mine is medium, but you can use your prefer size), patterned papers or digital and printed papers and some glue (double side tape is perfect for this ;) ) Ah! for cut is highly advisable to cut with a trimmer =) is super fast and easy! Ok, here we go!! .

First you cut a cut a piece of cardboard at the longest part of it (very long if you can have more pages in the book) and folded in equal parts for make the pages. Cut the four corners with the punch and reserve.

After cut your papers and photos slightly smaller than the pages of your book for make a little frame (see my book photos)

Feel free to decorate and put more pages as you like and when you're convinced paste with double tape you pages in your book

I added a little scratchy letter in the cover, you can add the one you like for your project.

(the stickers and the letter for the title)

(must punch the four corners, isn't cool?)

(stamping a delicate flourish with a white or cream ink)

(add a rub on and fly with you imagination)

(I needed a little piece of paper for this and resolve with a part of my photo)

Now is you turn!!! enjoy it!

Credits for the page: Paislee Press paper and Mailing label frame, Ali Edwards stamp The Story Word art
Credits for the album: Various digital papers, Basic grey Mellow paper pack, Stickers from Creative Imagination, Rubons from American Crafts Mini Marks Spring & Summer Book One and letter from Suggar Coatted by Doodlebug.

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Amy dijo...

You go, Mabel! What a wonderful album! I just love your sunset photos so much :) That's a great idea - I might have to do one of these with MY latest beach photos! Thanks for the inspiration!

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