Stamps & Others III

The last ones or the first if you like =) are the unmounted stamps, the difference with the rubber stamps are the wood... at least that's the only difference I've found (lol)

Both are made in rubber, both wearing a foam surface and both are the same thing... only the first haven't wood... easy?

Actually some scrapers are unmounting their rubber stamps, is a very simple technique, here a video

so we can save space because the rubber stamps or unmonunted (some are not mounted on wood and) can be stored as the seals of polymer and it's storage is easy and simple!!

Here another video of how to cut and assemble these stamps

Hope I've helped a bit with these small ideas, and now stampin'!!

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sonia dijo...

HOla Mabel, te he descubierto gracias al foro de dreams, menudas cositas haces, me encantan tus páginas con tantos detalles.
Nos vemos por la red

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