Learning to sew...

This is my first stitched page and I still have all my fingers (lol) just kidding ;) Sewing a page was one of my goals for this year, really thought it would be much more difficult but is sooooooo fun!!!

Only and adviced, be careful with the tension of the thread and lots of laughs =)

PS: Hubby is enjoying the new DLSR a lot and now he has to testing his own lens (Nikon LSR) on my camera, this picture is yours and I really enjoyed, thanks for this fantastic photo!! ♥

Supplies: American Crafts Thickers (Cherry Subway, White Smoothie and Roosevelt Black Letter) Jenni Bowlin (Label Die Cut Farmers, Red Aphotecary Stickers) Sassafras Lass (Bungle Jungle, In a stitch grey blossoms) Bobunny (Rubbons)

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Mª Jesús dijo...

Todavía tengo la boca abiertaaaa.

Elisa dijo...

que pasadaaaaaaaaa...como te puedes superar día a día :)


preciosos trabajos no paras

Karmele dijo...

Te ha quedado genial!!! todo lo q has cosido ha merecido la pena!!

Marina dijo...

Te ha quedado muy muy bonita!

Geles dijo...

Hola guapa, tengo una cosita en mi blog para tí.

kristintxo dijo...

Pues para ser la primeraaaaa... te ha quedado genial!!!
Por cierto, no entiendo ni papa... pero con qué hay que tener cuidadín? con la tensión de qué???

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