Some digital... some new -Digiscraping Week 3-

Hi scrappers =) I'm a bad blogger this days, I swear! need more time, need more ideas and need more... need more anything (lol) ok... it's not time for tears this is the time for actualice a bit my digital galeries, pretty cool ;)

And let's get started

my last digi dare entry.... :( I've step down to the Digi Dares because my time isn't enough at this time, really cool site, idea and team. Don't forget all fridays this talented ladies!!

this is one of my favorite ever kit from Lilypad at any time!!! absolutely love the textures, elements and colors, and this is my last... but not least (:P) revisited Love page... I think that's my favorite photo from us ;)

Amy Hutchinson rocked this kit!!! and I'm crazy for Paris this year ;)

I've no words to describe the last Madame Mim's kit... you can see?

and my dearest Gina Miller with new goodies at a new and fantastic sotre, you can found the new stuff at Scrapartist ;)

ok, thanks for stopping be! you can see all credits and more jobs at my galleries, happy weekend!!

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