Happy Earth day!!

Today is the Earth day and we can help for celebrate over thousands more if we'll care the planet and works to save it ;)

We're scrapbokers, that's the true, usually using inks, papers, glue... but we can use ecological products or simply using in our jobs the less potential pollutants...

many ideas and products can help us achieve our goal: Save the Earth for the next generations, is easy if you put your effort into it =)

* Use archival inks and glues acid free (not only looking the best results for your photos or works also because it helps preserve the nature)
* Take care not to throw anything that could be used, given away or reused later (if your stash is beginning to be uncomfortable to storage it, you don't use it in years or simply you don't like it anymore give it!! or sell it! or simply recycle it! any solution is better than throwing away.
* Recycle!!! this must be your favorite word!!. The scrapbooking born like a way to use materials and things that you can transforming in something different, today we can buy everything in the Scrapworld but it's also fun to create something with things that we can take at home.
* Use recycled materials previously, today there are companies that have scrap of new products from recycled materials, look for the green logo when you buy a new stuff (K&Co, DCWV and others)
* Be creative!!! I'm sure that you can found already you a bunch of ideas to be creative recycling things! only try it! ;)
*Go to The Scrap Review and read about a super fun challenge!

and happy Earth day to everyone!! =)))

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Happy day!!!!

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