Paris deux

Nice day to everyone!!! =) this weekend I'm a super busy girl and I to go on editing the photos from Paris let's go with the next day ;)

this detail caught my attention inmediatly, you can see it? (eh eh)

cou cou!!! :P

yes!!! is a entire vegetal building!!! the musée du quai Branly... GORGEOUS!!!

the magnificient clock from the Orsay's museum... I can't found words...

one of my favorite sculptures in the world... and I was there!!! =)

that's only the model, you can see the gorgeous building Paris Opera on it? ;)

absolutely delicious strawberrys... walking for the Sena with a pleasure in my hands... yummy!!!

another curiosity from Paris... an international artist has 'planted' 750 UFOS in the town... really is a Space Invaders invasion (lol) we found two (yiiiipeeeeee)

this is my next delicious visit... La Durée... ohmygosh... simply a piece of heaven but is time to finish for today :P you must wait to the next day ;)

see you later and thanks for stopping be!! =)

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Elisa dijo...

que preciosidad de fotos, tengo unas ganas de ir a París después de ver tus fotos...

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