Paris trois

well... here is the following photo collection of Paris, is the day dedicated to Notre Dame, I have no words to really describe the beauty of the Ille de la Citè... let's go! =)

a secret place in a secret street... love that Paris thing!!!

love that photo from the gargoyles gallerie... thinking in other world?...

and now let me show you a fantastic results with the Nikki Beaudreau new Lightroom presests 'Fun in the sun', really cool!!! (and thanks my dear for this fantabulous resource!!)

Napoleon everywhere (lol)

and look that fab colors in the sky!!! love the result!! ♥

this last photo you can see with other preset in the Paris deux post

thanks for stopping be!! and have a nice nite!! =)

4 Comentários:

Nikki dijo...

wow! your pics look incredible!!! I'm so happy to see that the presets worked out for you!!! you're so very welcome!!

Anónimo dijo...

I really like the photo above the gargoyle one but they're all nice.

Dania dijo...

- Que chulada de fotos....con lo mal que se me da a mi.... estan geniales.... ahora a escrapear alguna .....

Anónimo dijo...

MUITO MUITO lindas!!!

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