My favorite addict to packages...

oks... crazy title for a post but I know that's she knows who is she... ok... (lol) crazy explain to my crazy title but...

how is your name to this?

or... this?

her little dd, Lucía, has a great sentence to life... "sharing is live"... I can't explain better who is Patus for me and thinking for a anyone who knows... always giving something for nothing, which is not asking anything in return, I hope that life gives she back so well and I'm sure it will be!!!

aps... only two things more :P

this is my "secret" birthday less secret that's the History and... don't miss out to share anything with her... is a GREAT person I swear ;)

ps: you!!! yes you!!! :P don't you get an idea of the number of questions that I will get to use all of these delightful gifts =))))

nice day to everyone!! and thanks for stoping be! ♥

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Rosana Torres dijo...

Que bonito todo lo que te manda, es que es un sol.

Ania dijo...

Hi, I am Ania .
I am from Chile.

Potxola dijo...

qué chulada wapa!!!!!!!

nena tienes un regalito en mi blog!!!!

Dania dijo...

- Muy chuli todo la cajita esta genial....

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