Paris cinq

Ohmy!!! crazy weeks and without free time for editing my photos, but anyway! here's the five part... thanks for you patience and all you awesome comments on my posts ;)

Really I can feeling the Esmeralda's gipsy in the top of Notre Damme... you can feel the song... you can feel the magic =)

walking in the Ille of Cité we stopped in a flower market... ohmy!!! spring in Paris, I don't need anymore!!

I know that the favorite photos from Saint Chapelle are the antique windows but the floors are simply gorgeous, here's from the first floor.

One vision from the first Chapelle

Sacre Coeur... really don't like my so much but the vision before stairs are delicious, some people singing, dancing and feeling happiness ;)

and Montmatre... my hubby was there in 1984 and he told me that's absolutely different in actuality, this is the only photo that reminded me once upon a time...

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Anónimo dijo...

Lindas fotos Mabel!!!

Rosana Torres dijo...

Que fotos más guapas, parece mentira que hayamos visitado el mismo Paris.

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