My scrap center tool

by popular request (lol) I decided to post these photos ...

I've been wondering whether to publish on my blog ... everyone knows that I have a "copycat"  walking around and I only hope that if "you" copy this idea also... learn to put the link where you saw the original work ... only one can be the original and others are a copy ... or a copy of the copy (lol) anyway...
It seemed unfair not to share to yours ♥ ok... let's go!, with some ikea boxes I've built my craft center tool, you can see it in the top views and votes at Two peas (thanks to everyone!!!) and if you're interested in some tips not hesitate to send me an email ;) (you can see my email account at the right sidebar)

I hope to serve you and please ... try to being always creative, there are many copies ;)
and the entire center tool =)
happy monday, enjoy you life is only one!! ♥ 

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Alba dijo...

Yeah! That's a great idea... I don't have space now in my room, but, I will keep it on my mind for the future! (yes, I hope I will have a bigger house not so far!)

mayte_pequenus dijo...

Que maravilla!!! I love it!!


Elisa dijo...

LOVE it!!!!! thanks for sharing :)

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