Happy lovethday!! =)

Today is your day and you know my thoughts and feelings, only one thing more...




Hope you like it!! ;) the credit isn't mine, I saw the original idea at Wilna's gallery (a fabulous digital garden girl from Two Peas) thanks for the inspiration and if you need more information about the album or suplies you can see the entire photos here

happy weekend! ♥

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Patricia dijo...

Precioso me encanta como te ha quedado seguro que a su dueño tambien ;)

Rosana dijo...

Es muy bonito y original.
Seguro que le encanta.

Elisa dijo...

OMG! it´s a gorgeous MA,love it Mabel.. the numbers in that colour are a cutie.
I´d like to know how you ensemble the pages with the frames ;) xoxo

Conchin dijo...

Genial! va a quedar encantado.


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