TLP Birthday Blog Hop!!! =)

Omg can't believe that The Lilypad is turning three years!!! how fast are gone!!  ok... I'm soooooooo happy to tell you all the activities at the forums, we've games, prizes, gift cards., lot of fun!!.. we've a faaaaaaabulous new BYOC (pretty TLP I swear!!) and yes I've an example

really one of my favorite BYOC ever!!! girly colors, fantastic stuff, ok... right I'm a TLP lover (lol)

Well... another surprise for you is a gift... yes, I've designed a free QP with the new stuf (thanks to the Lilypad designers for it), add your photos and ready, easy? =))

and now you must off to the next hop =), one of CT members, Katrina, super talented scrapper and better person, I'm sure that she has much more for you, enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping be!!! ;)

9 Comentários:

Patricia dijo...

Me encantan las dos pagina super chulas. Besotes

S dijo...

Thank you.

Rosana dijo...

Que preciosidades de LO.
Me encanta lo de la escritura en la silueta de mujer, que original.

Elisa dijo...

me encanta la pagina de Words of Me, super original y muy intima.
bsitos :)

Jill dijo...

You have a wonderful blog! Love your LO!

Ami dijo...

Me encanta!!! hay tantos detalles tan bonitos! un besito

Damayanti dijo...

Absolutely thank you!!!!

Lilaclady dijo...

Thank you for this Gorgeous QP!!! :)

Lourdes de Madrid dijo...

¡Me encanta tu blog! ¡Haces preciosidades!!!!

Este último Lo ¡¡¡GENIAL!!!!

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