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Hi everyone, some weeks ago I asked  if you want a tutorial about work with acetate or transparencies ...well the sun is here and today is the day (lol) . Is super easy work with acetate, and really fun I swear, let's go with this simple tutorial (and forgiveness the light on the photos... the most difficult thing about work with acetate is.. take the photos :P)

This is my card for this tutorial (you can see here too)

You need acetate paper or transparency paper specially for ink jet printer, it's very important in order to print on that stuff that you read carefully about if your printer admit this posibility or you could damage it. Well, read the printer especifications and then read the paper especifications (all brands usually add a complete tutorial about the size, the correct way to put the paper, etc...). I don't explain this point because your paper could has different instructions, read carefully and go with the next step 

1.- Printing images on ink jet printers (png images from Hero Arts Digital Stamps)

Two tips: *Usually the .png image works in 12x12 inches (3600x3600 px) but the paper for print is 8,5x11 (2550x3300) if you need resize your image open first a canvas with the right paper size.
* All printers leave a white border (even if you have turned off this option), not paste your image on the edges or not will be print  in the correct size.

2.-  The Mirror Image Option 

 Tip: You could see the Mirror image option in "advanced options" at your printer software, if  your printer doesn't the option you can flip the image or text in Photoshop or your editor image. Be careful with the text when you print, remember that you will print only in a side of the acetate but you used the other side to work.

3.- Stuff to ink your acetate 

 Tips: You could buy your stuff at Creactividades if you are in Spain, or international at Two Peas in a Bucket. Disclaimer: All this stuff was bought for me with my own money, any brand sent me any of this products and it's my personal opinion

 4.- Inking the egdes
Tips: You could mixed some alcohol inks colors in the same felt, but remember that it's a ephemera ink, your movements must be quickly, if you need you could use the disolution blend but take care because you could erase your entire project, use easy!! ;)

5.- Punch the border 

Tips: *I've inked the rest of my card (the mirror/silver paper) with alcohol inks and some of my rubber stamps, only inked the red rubber with the ink tool and go!. Remember that you use that type of ink in a non porouse surfaces (my mirror paper is a plastic paper). *In order to "clean" the stamp... be patience... is a hard work, use blending solution, stazon and lot of baby whipes, before stamp with alcohol inks take a moment to remember the "after" (lol)

Hope that this "little" tutorial could help you to work with acetate/transparency papers and alcohol inks, I don't pretend to teach any new technique because there are a thousand excellent tutorials from others (as Jennifer McGuire or Tim Holtz) I've simply tried to teach my "mistakes" and my "solutions".
I think it's easy to read the tutorial on the images (you can make them larger by clicking on them)

If you have any questions leave me a comment and try to answer you ;) and please forgiveness the technical mistakes in English (it's sometimes difficult to find the right word)

I hope you enjoy this simple tutorial and thanks for stopping be!! ♥ 

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Silsine dijo...

Genial tuto. Muchas gracias guapa

kristintxo dijo...

Thanks, beautiful lady!!! ;)

Laura O'Donnell dijo...

great tutorial!

Fika dijo...

Mabel.. your tutorial is AWESOME.. i understood your step by step, thanks for the picture too! GORGEOUS card Mabel :)

Rosana dijo...

Mabel me encanta el tutorial.
Muchísimas gracias, estoy deseando hacer alguna felicitación así.

Libby Hickson dijo...

Such a great tutorial Mabel, I'm going to have to try this!! And also love that you made your GORGEOUS butterfly card into your blog header!! :-)

Elisa dijo...

gracias por el tuto querida,
pero hay una cosa que sigo sin entender como la haces, la parte que esta en turquesa que tiene la forma del punch, no entiendo como lo has hecho con la tinta si es un punch!!!!!!

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