That's serious...

I won again  ... and I'm in heaven... and I living happy in heaven (lol) seriously... thanks to everyone for support me, for being more than my friends, for your words and your comments... for be... love ya ♥ 

and a big THANKS to the Hero Arts hostesses, and the team, and the fabulous girls from flickr... is a GREAT creative site, don't miss out! ;)

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Rosana dijo...

It's very pretty your card.
I like that hero blog call you clever. ;)

Elisa dijo...

felicidades por este premio tb, pero ayer yo me refería a este, no lo sabías?? jijiji

Patricia dijo...

ayyyyyyyyyyy mujer de poca fe mira que te lo dije me debes un regalito , jajaja que no

Anne dijo...

Hi, Mabel! Great big congratulations on being a Hero Arts Fab Five! This card just blew me away and I knew it would be selected! Congratulations! :-)

kristintxo dijo...

Congratulations, guapa!!
Estás que no paras!!!

Vanesa i Sílvia dijo...

Felicidades! Esto ya es una rutina estupenda.
Saludos. Sílvia

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