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Was difficult to me when I started the physical scrapbooking found information (in spanish) about the stamps.. my favorite stash and my worst nightmare

When I ordering my goodies at digital shops can't found a 'clear' explanation about stamps, which are the best, pros and contras... I've read during months for try to understand the awesome stamp world...

I'll try to explain in various post my 'clear' ideas about the stamps ;)
Clear or rubber? that's the question

Sincerely I started with clear stamps, I found it easier to store, clean and use, I ordered my first stamps and the quality looks me high (I'll not mention brands, I'm not so expert) and used with a different inks... I thought couldn't use them in the right way, something that not convinced me

In the last purchases I ordered rubber stamps (mounted and unmounted) and only hate the smell of rubber and that they occupy more space...

Ok let's go with the first step, those are the different types

1.- Rubber stamp mounted

2.- Rubber Stamp Unmounted

3.- Clear Stamps

Autumn Leaves

Ok, we have an aproximate idea about stamps and types, continous in the next post with how use it!

Happy scrapping!

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