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Sorry for the busy time, I couldn't update the blog, I was unable to visit more friends and I couldn't do almost anything ... damn job! :(
The last weeks I couldn't publish this digital pages at blog either, I have to fix this, here are my last (just discover that all pages are neutrals... was not an idea OMG!!! lol)

My last Digi Dare entry

To Catherine Designs

To Gina Miller

To Madame Mim

To Lilypad

and thanks to the blogger that I gave me a price, they're in the sidebar, thanks again for thinking on me ;) you're the best!! *muawh*

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Meri(txell) dijo...

ha,ha, if you mean "me" no problem, you´re worth it!! ;) Me encantan tus trabajos digitales, tendré que hacer un cursillo contigo!! Muchos besos!

Scrap Simply dijo...

Great digi layouts. I love them!

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