My surprise!!!!

Can't believe that!!! just found this ar arrive at home today!!

that's incredible! this is my awesome gift for the CHA winter online here!!! never expected such a beautiful gift, and all for spending time with others fantastic scrappers in a super fun party here at two peas, I can't wait to use these divine stamps and my fantastic new trimmer

definitely 2009 is the year of two peas, don't forget the fantastic birthday celebration!
Thanks Melanie and two peas!!! you made my day!!!

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Elisa dijo...

que chulada de sellos, la trimmer la tengo igualitaaaaa, jijiji


me alegro mucho de ver palomitas por los blogs me hace mucha ilusion ver un premio creado por mi en los blogs de momento hay 10 blogs afortunados pero poco a poco espero que lo tengan todos los blogs amigos

Ethel dijo...

me gusto mucho tu blog!!!!!!!!!!
Cuantas cosas es esa caja!!!!
Los sellos hermosos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Un beso!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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