My scrap....mmmm.... corner?

(lol) just kidding! =) in the Kits de Somni social network some people asking for 'you scrap space'... I had never published anything about this but there is a piece of my scrap area

my dream is to have a super room for my crafts (and the dreams come true!!), for the moment my space is limited but the imagination is Big!! ;) you can find your own store system if you have in mind your needs and available space

let's go with one of my favorite areas to store my scrap stuff, of course my favorite is the Ikea shelf for ever!!!, you can store a thousand things and always take everything on hand in a few seconds!

can see the shelf with boxes and cabinets, the original shelf comes without accessories that you can buy and combine as you like! ;)

as my husband has a third part of it (sorry honey, but the shelf is my treaaaasureeeeeee!!! lol) you can see on the right top his boxes and stuff, in the middle my stamp storage album and in the left my boxes, my favorite dressform (I love it ♥) and other things.

hope you enjoy it! thanks for stopping by! =)

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Potxola dijo...

Me gusta mucho Mabel.Me encanta el verde y que se vea todo en un mismo tono practicamente queda bonito

Elisa dijo...

que mono lo tienes, super ordenadito, la estantería tiene cajones tb o puertas? me puedes decir cual es? yo espero poder hacer un huequito en mi nueva mini casa para mis cositas de scrap. bsitos

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