Paris un

Oh la la... it's impossible to put all photos here and just can try to put the more I liked it, not because they are good photos (I'm not a great photographer :)) but because they told me something.. anyway let's get started with the first entry to my Paris trip... très bien?

St. Lazare place

Starsbuck... the word is enough ;)

Gare St. Lazare

I think I saw a cute bunny... :P

Galeries La Fayette

Angels in Paris

Opera Garnier... simply pure perfection

walking to the tower...

the next stop is coming, don't miss out and thanks for stopping be! ;)

(all photos are edited by me with Photoshop Lightroom and retouched with Rhona Farrer, Michelle Coleman and Anna Aspens brushes)

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martha velasco prieto. dijo...

bellisimas fotoss!!!me encanta la ultima!!que padre que pudiste pasear pór una ciudad tan bella unos dias!

Potxola dijo...

preciosiisimas las fotos ya solas,asi que scrapeadas deben se la bombaaaaa

Elisa dijo...

que fotos mas divinas, son todas preciosas, no se si tienes una camara de fotos única o que tienes un ojo único para hacer las fotos :)

Karmele dijo...

Guaaaaaaaauuuu!!! unas fotos impresionantes!! les das un toque personal q quedan preciosas!!

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