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I was thinking for some time to talk about these products that I liked to use or those who bought and at the end are my "to die for" ... ok I'm not Ali Edwards :P but hope that my posts could help you in you scrapbook adventure, lets go! =)

I had pursued this set for a while and I recently bought on my trip to Paris, I can 't be more pleased with it!! simply use and gorgeous results in a little tool, let me introduced you the Precision File Set by Basic Grey
  • Ok... I had some files to sand my jobs but these are really the FILES, they have a super cool pink rubber protector on one end and it makes very easy to work with them
  • another advantage is that the shapes and sizes make it possible to use in any corner or space
  • prize... I tried to find these files in separate store marquetry and they're much more expensive
definitely a highly recomended product to buy and use, is the first time that I finish a job without pain in my hands =))

you can found it at two peas

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