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isn't cool???? I've two big surprises today, one that my "way to" page have some comments, love those colorful papers by Shelley Castillo and was a perfect background to play with the Michelle Underwood letters (just recolored to match with the back) Both kits availables at Two Peas Digital Store 

and one of Two Peas advertising banner (about the featured project) have my little fishes! on it!! I'm totally excited!! thanks for this!!! =)
Have a super nice day!!! =)

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Rosana dijo...

El digital me encanta. Que colorido.
Y I love your little fishes.

Silsine dijo...



Elisa dijo...

QUE GUAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alice Wertz dijo...

Congrats!! way to go, girl! your fish card is fabulous!!

ana manzana dijo...

Estaba claro que esos peces iban a llegar lejos ;)

kristintxo dijo...

Me encantan tus layouts digitales, pero esa postal de pececillos es mundial!!!
Te quise dejar un mensajito desde .....caugh, caugh... pero no me dejó el móvil!!!!
Mundial!!! :)

Anne dijo...

Hi, Mabel! Wonderful digital layout. And super big congratulations on your recognition! I love the ocean card you made that is featured in that ad! :-)

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