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From Ali Edwards blog arriving this interesting project,

documenting a week in your life

higly recomended ;)

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enjoy!! =)


Stamps & Others II

(image from the net)
The clear stamps (called too polymer stamps, photo-polymer stamps, clear rubber stamps) made with a polymer resine and light (yes light =)) are super easy to use and storage, we can found unlimited posibilities for use a clear stamp.

Then read a few pages about these fantastic toys here you can found a little ideas for use, storage, clean and playing with clear stamps.


1.- Clear stamps can be colored with light (they are produced with light) so it is advisable to keep them protected from light in a cd case, binder or similar.
2.- Use with carefully with solvent inks (staz-on and others), probably you can't clean the stamp after and can't use a disolvent product without damaging the polymer, preferably using ink that can be dissolved (adirondack and others).
3.- Some stampers report better results if they stamp on a slightly giving surface such as a mouse mat or a similiar and use a single large acrylic block for starting with the stamps, don't buy a lot of blocks, with two or three differents sizes is enough.
4.- In a different pages recomended 'scuff' the stamps before use, you can use a fine grit sand paper or strong eraser for it (I have not tried this yet) for a better definition in the images.


1.- With water and soap
2.- Baby toitlet
3.- Ph neuter soap


I found some ideas for storage but I prefer are the bidding book and the cd case (maybe I prefer this one for a unmounted rubber stamps... I can't smell the rubber lol) here some links about


Clear stamps are cheap (you can found for a dollar), easy storage, unlimited posibilities, better clean system, no cutting needed and easy use and colocation in you project.

Worst definition level, are more fragile, can tear, crack or stain easily.

Noy you decide and here some links with important information about clear stamps, enjoy it!! ;)


After Five...

don't miss out coming tomorrow!!! ;) (click on image)


Stamps & Others I

Was difficult to me when I started the physical scrapbooking found information (in spanish) about the stamps.. my favorite stash and my worst nightmare

When I ordering my goodies at digital shops can't found a 'clear' explanation about stamps, which are the best, pros and contras... I've read during months for try to understand the awesome stamp world...

I'll try to explain in various post my 'clear' ideas about the stamps ;)
Clear or rubber? that's the question

Sincerely I started with clear stamps, I found it easier to store, clean and use, I ordered my first stamps and the quality looks me high (I'll not mention brands, I'm not so expert) and used with a different inks... I thought couldn't use them in the right way, something that not convinced me

In the last purchases I ordered rubber stamps (mounted and unmounted) and only hate the smell of rubber and that they occupy more space...

Ok let's go with the first step, those are the different types

1.- Rubber stamp mounted

2.- Rubber Stamp Unmounted

3.- Clear Stamps

Autumn Leaves

Ok, we have an aproximate idea about stamps and types, continous in the next post with how use it!

Happy scrapping!


Monday again

With a bunch of new notices and goodies for sharing!! Let's go!!!

1.- The new Digi Dare is up!!! This week you can play with your favorite person, or you ugly person... only you can chose ;) This is my page for this entry hosted by Dawn and with Mikkel Paige like guest designer.

(click on image for credits)

New toys at Gina Miller that I'm sure you like it!! Alice in wonderland is one of my favs tales, and she's got a super kit with this theme... fantastic for sure!!!

and a fantabulous kit in The Lilypad, is super fun for play with boys and girls, perfect for the first day class, ok I looooooooooooooove it =)

You can click on the images for visit the shoppes, and hope that you will be a scrapping week! see you tomorrow!



waiting for my new package with inks for this Christmas ... (fantastic inks by Ranger in Christmas vibrant colors, loooooooooove a colorful Christmas)

waiting for the new goodies this weekend ... (do not miss Lilypad, Gina Miller surely surprise you)

waiting that come my husband's daughter to spend a fun weekend with us =)

and looking forward to see the winner coupon Kate Hadfield ... I fear that will expire this coupon (lol)

Meanwhile I leave with you some fun links and the latest product of two of my favorite creative, Holliewood Studios and Madame Mim ... do not miss that either

(click on the image for credits)

See you tomorrow!


We have a WINNER!!!

Thanks to everyone for participate in this fun giveaway and hope that all I hope you have fun this weekend in Lilypad =)
The winner for Kate's coupon is.... tachan!!!

chigirl dijo...
Oh the painted cardboard paper is great. but i really love it all.
Pease email me for your coupon (the mail is in the left sidebar) and congrats again for your fabulous prize!! enjoy it!!! =)

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